My goal is to make your dreams become reality.


Paul Eyestone, Certified Professional Building Designer

Working with your wishes and budget, I’ll design a house that meets your desires and goals – for how you want to live in a home. My designs are inspired, innovative, and intentional. The result is a structurally-sound and aesthetically pleasing home.

Projects with Eyestone Building Design begin with a site visit to fit the house to the property. With my construction background and experience, I know what works well and what doesn’t. I’ll help you create a house of lasting beauty in a practical and cost-effective way.

Design Categories

  • Residential New Construction
  • Residential Remodel / Addition
  • Garage / Shop / Barn
  • Commercial / Industrial


Eyestone Building Design was started in 1994. Prior to that, Paul had worked in the construction industry for 8 years as a framer and finish carpenter, as well as Superintendent for a busy construction company. As Superintendent, Paul found himself making corrections to the plans they were building from, and started drawing plans for the company.

A drafting table was soon set up in Paul’s living room, and he got so busy drawing plans that he had to quit his job to keep up with the demand for his design work. Paul then secured an office in downtown Port Angeles, and the business rapidly grew into a well-known and sought-after source of plans for beautiful houses.